ABC Success is designed to target Year 9, 10 and 11 students to prepare them for their GCSEs, the next stage of their education or employment and to raise aspirations across cohorts.

A goal when designing the programme was to keep it easy to run without adding to staff pressure and eating into their time. Staff are only required to ‘Press play’ and engage in discussions with students during registration regarding the weekly challenges e.g. enquiring about student progress, making suggestions and offering support to students. BE THE PARENT AWAY FROM HOME!

Students are required to complete the weekly challenges and log their progress in the workbook provided. They will need to become (A)ccountable for their own success or failure during the challenge, (B)elieve in their ability to achieve and (C)hoose to take action. They will be encouraged to take initiative and reach out for guidance if required.

Yes, staff can use the weekly themes running throughout ABC as assembly topics. Alternatively the programme can be run during registration or during weekly assemblies.

Heads are provided with a directory of the world-class speakers featured throughout ABC. Heads can book one or more of the speakers to deliver live in their school and elaborate on the content shown in the interviews. Hannah will also come into school to close the programme up and present the student who has made the most academic progress with an iPod touch or something unto the value of £200.

Upon request Hannah can provide you with a price breakdown for ABC Success.

Hannah will see up to 20 students over a period of 2 days to discuss their attainment, behaviour and future aspirations. She will aim to get to the route of the students barriers to learning and provide them with strategies and resources to achieve their full potential. Hannah holds several mentoring qualifications and has undergone safeguarding training. If any disclosures occur during the 1:1 sessions and Hannah feels the student is at risk she will liaise with the pastoral department within the school immediately after the 1:1 session.