The Resilient Revision programme is designed to serve students from year 8 through to year 13. By focusing on attitudes, behaviours, motivation and exam preparation. 

The whole day would include:

  • 1 keynote presentation to students
  • 5-10 1:1 interventions with selected students
  • Continuing and ongoing intervention for 1:1 students
  • 1 keynote presentation to all staff
  • Whole school access to the ABC Success Revision Hub

The hub teaches students how to revise and maximise their use of the resources that are readily available to them. It consists of 10 modules which are delivered as engaging animated videos, each between 3:30-4:00 minutes long, packed with step-by-step support.

Modules include:

  • Getting started
  • Planning your time
  • Becoming motivated
  • Learning styles
  • Breaking a subject down
  • Peer learning
  • Revision techniques
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Asking for help
  • Exam re-sits

Resources include:

  • Past exam papers from every board
  • Fixed revision to-do list
  • Revision timetable guide
  • Revision timetable
  • How to break down a subject
  • 4 step guide to getting organised
  • Time management resources
  • 20+ Individual subject breakdown lists
  • Hard copy of all content for use offline
  • Free updates

Continuing support and results

Hannah will provide continuing support for the students she sees on a 1:1 basis upon request of the student after the first session. She sees it as essential to continue supporting the child moving forward.

Previously, Hannah has held several after school sessions with groups of her 1:1 students where she has worked with them within the classroom on a continuing basis.

This proved to be highly effective and saw some incredible transformations within each of the students she worked with:

Increase in Attendance
Exceeded Target Grade
Improvement In Behaviour

What you need to know


Hannah holds Level 1 & 2 Safeguarding Certificates and frequently attends CPD.


As well as qualifications, Hannah has extensive life experience of overcoming adversity.


Proven results and impact data is available upon request. All data will be anonymous.


Hannah has a huge sense of empathy and is supportive of the most sensitive issues raised.


Hannah holds mentoring and safeguarding certificates, plus a valid and clear DBS.


Anything discussed is confidential unless Hannah feels the student is at risk and a NOC is required.