Pupil Referral Units: The children beyond mainstream education

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In between various tasks from within my office I often glance at various newspapers and online articles relating to education. They are often filled with statistics, results, celebrations, budgets and new schools reforms…varying yet ironically repetitive.

Earlier this week, The Independent published a captivating article about PRUs, it gave a true and honest insight into the challenges students who are labelled “the most troubled and disruptive of pupils” face.

It was an article I could personally relate to as it reminded me of my own typical school day between 2003- 2007.

In my opinion PRUs are not for ‘the tear-aways’, ‘the renegades’  or ‘the un-teachables’, PRUs are there for students who require urgent attention and a vast amount of support to help them break down those barriers.

No child is born bad, their behaviour is learned and influenced from their social circles and their enviroment. PRUs offer these students a second chance in an environment they are fully equipped to excel in.

I recently gave an interview alongside my past headteacher, now adopted mother. During the interview she was asked about my behaviour in school and why she didn’t permanently exclude me, her response to this was resounding,

“I rarely permanently exclude a child! If a student from my school is permanently excluded it is not the child that has failed it is us as the school. We have failed to save that child, support that child and provide for that child. It must be an absolute last resort”.

No child is unteachable or beyond help, it is important that we as educators, mentors and teachers do not judge a child for their behaviour, label a child for their behaviour or dislike a child for their behaviour…we must connect, understand and support that child to find the best version of themselves and live it!


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