Teachers nationally have been celebrating their profession and TES released a great article compiling a list of their favourite responses to the questions ‘why did you became a teacher?’ and ‘why you have remained a teacher?’. The responses are inspiring! Take a look.

Whilst teachers across the country have been commenting on why they became a teacher, I want to comment from the other side, Why I’m glad they became teachers.

The lessons teachers teach go far beyond the classroom and subjects such as English and Maths. Effective teachers teach their students to be resilient through encouragement and belief, they teach their students patience by never giving up trying and create a community within their classroom which will serve their students for decades to come!

As a speaker I am humbled to be able to share the values I learnt from my teachers during my time in education with thousands of students across the United Kingdom.

A teacher has the power to create an incredible legacy and shape tomorrows generation.

Keep doing what you do!


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